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About Business Plan Preparation Services

Abusiness plan is a vital document for any business that contains information about the pertaining to its promoters, business model, operations, past, competitor analysis, market analysis and project financial performance. Business plan is very essential as it serves as a roadmap for the business and provides information in an understandable format to investors wanting to know more about the business. A key use of a business plan or investor pitch is for raising private equity capital or angel investment in a start-up. Business plans are used by private equity investors and angel investors to gain an insight into the business for making an investment decision.

A well drafted business plan will contain details about the promoters, infrastructure information, and human capital requirement, business model, industry outlook, and competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, past financial performance, projected financial performance, key financial indicators and any other relevant information. Businessgig has a team of professional with extensive experience in preparing business plans. Contact us today and we can help you prepare a well-structured business plan for your start-up.


A business plan contains information about the business in a presentable and understandable format. Business plan is used for investment decision by private equity investors and angel investors.

A Well drafted business plan will contain information pertaining to the Entrepreneur background, Infrastructure, Human Capital, Business Model, Operational Information, Industry Outlook, SWOT Analysis and Financial Performance.

Business plan plays an important role in the syndication of capital from investors. A well-drafted business plan has all the information a bank or financial institution requires for making a credit or investment decision.

A well drafted business plan will ensure easy access to equity funding. So an experienced Financial Professional with good writing, presentation and financial analysis skill must prepare the business plan.

Businessgig has extensive experience in compiling business plans. So talk to our Business Advisors today if you require a business plan or investor pitch for your start-up.

The final draft of a business plan can be provided in 15-20 working days from the time of submission the required information and documents. Businessgig can help prepare business plan for start-ups across India.

Business Plan

We can prepare a business plan for your start-up. Business plan or investor pitch for your start-up can be prepared in 15 to 20 days.


Prior to preparing the business plan, our Financial Experts will work with you to understand your business, proposed plans and capital requirement.

Business Plan Preparation

Based on our understanding of your start-up business and the information collected, our Financial Experts will draft a business plan for your start-up.

Business Plan Finalization

Once the draft business plan is prepared, you can provided your comments or inputs to finalize and prepare the final business plan and investor pitch.

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What is included?

  • Investor presentation
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Financial projection
  • Funding consultation
  • Business model definition

Why Choose Us?

  • Money-back guarantee
  • 500+ Business plans prepared
  • 30+ Offices in India
  • 2x Faster process
  • Door step document collection
  • Client confidentiality
  • No hidden fees

Benefits of Business Planning

The business plan preparation can personally benefit the entrepreneurial team. Establishing a new business can be enormously fulfilling and exhilarating, but it is also an uneasiness ridden and strained experience. Usually a lot of cash is at stake, and the results of poor decisions can affect many people for a long time. In creating and composing a business plan, the entrepreneurial team reduces these anxieties and pressures by standing up to them in advance. By projecting the risks of the new venture into the future, the team understand potential negative outcomes and the possibility of failure. The information that originates from this experience can reduce the fear of being taken by surprise by issues that could have been predicted and provided for at the very outset.

Business Plan Preparation

Every new venture should have a plan to start business. A business plan preparation is the formal composed expression of the entrepreneurial vision, explaining the strategy and operations of the proposed venture. The business plan preparation also goes by other names, depending on its intended audience. A venture capital group might call it the “funding plan” or “investment prospectus.” Presented to an investor, it might be known a “loan proposal.” The advantages of writing a business plan preparation far outweigh the costs. The reason for the arrangement is to empower the top executives of the firm to consider their business comprehensively, to communicate their objectives to people who might have a stake in the firm’s future, to have a premises for making decisions, and to encourage the planning process.

Entrepreneurs should undertaking of setting up the strategy for preparing the business plan personally. Although outsiders – lawyers, consultants and accountants – should be tapped for their recommendation and expertise, the promoter or the introductory top administration team should be responsible for the writing. Personally drafting the plan will empower the entrepreneurs to thoroughly consider all aspects of the proposed business and guarantee that they are familiar with all the details, for they will need to make decisions about the new venture and be responsible for those choices. Moreover, investors expect the founders to be involved in and proficient about the proposed enterprise.

Prepare a business plan


A business plan is a written document that describes a business. It covers objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts. A business plan has many functions, from securing external funding, to measuring success within your business.

The benefits of a business plan

Creating and managing a realistic business plan can help you secure finance and funding and measure success. Potential investors, including banks, may invest in your idea, work with you or lend you money as a result of the strength of your plan. Grant providers, potential partners and anyone interested in buying your business will also likely want to see your business plan.

Even if you just use it in-house, it can:

  • Help you spot potential pitfalls before they happen
  • Structure the financial side of your business efficiently
  • Focus your efforts on developing your business
  • Work as a measure of your success

A business plan is a living document that will help you monitor your performance. It will need updating and changing as your business grows. Whether you use it in-house or for external finance, it should still take an objective and honest look at your business. Failing to do this could mean that you and others have unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved and when.

Business plan template

Use this template to create a business plan that outlines your executive summary, your vision, your marketing strategy, how you plan to run your business and how to plan to finance your business.

What a business plan should include

Your business plan should include:

  • How you are going to develop your business
  • When you are going to do it
  • Who's going to play a part
  • How you will manage the finances

It's important to be clear about these areas in your business plan if you're looking for finance, funding or investment. The process of building your plan will also focus your mind on how your new business will need to operate to give it the best chance of success.

Your plan should also include:

An executive summary

an overview of the business you want to start. It's vital. Many lenders and investors make judgments about your business based on this section of the plan alone.

A short description of the business opportunity

who you are, what you plan to sell or offer, why and to whom.

Your marketing and sales strategy

why you think people will buy what you want to sell and how you plan to sell to them.

Your management team and personnel

your credentials and the people you plan to recruit to work with you.

Your operations

your premises, production facilities, your management information systems and IT.

Financial forecasts

this section translates everything you have said in the previous sections into numbers.

Presenting your business plan

To make sure your business plan has maximum impact, there are a number of points to consider.

Keep the plan short - it's more likely to be read if it's a manageable length. Think about the presentation and keep it professional - even if you only intend to use the plan in-house. Remember, a well-presented plan will reinforce the positive impression you want to create of your business. Make sure your plan is realistic. Once you have prepared your plan, use it. If you update it regularly, it will help you keep track of your business' development.

Tips for presenting your plan:

  • Include a cover or binding and a contents page with page and section numbering.
  • Start with the executive summary.
  • Ensure it's legible - make sure the type is ten point or above.
  • Show the plan to expert advisers - such as your accountant - and ask for feedback.
  • Avoid jargon and put detailed information - such as market research data or balance sheets - in an appendix at the back.
  • You may want to email it, so ensure you use email-friendly formatting.
  • Even if it's for internal use only, write the plan as if it's intended for an external audience.
  • Edit the plan carefully - get at least two people to read it and check that it makes sense.
  • You may have detailed plans for specific areas of your business, such as a sales plan or a staff training plan, but it is best not to include these, though it is good practice to mention that they exist.

While it's sensible to seek advice from external advisers, it's not a good idea to get them to write the plan for you. Investors and lenders need to have confidence that you personally understand your business plan and are committed to the vision for the business.

The executive summary

The executive summary is often the most important part of your business plan. Found at the front of the document, it is the first - and might be the only - part to be read. Your plan might be placed into a 'worth considering' or 'discard' pile by lenders or investors based on this section alone.

The executive summary is a synopsis of the key points of your entire plan. It should include highlights from each section of the rest of the document. Its purpose is to explain the basics of your business in a way that both informs and interests the reader. If, after reading the executive summary, an investor or manager understands what the business is about and is keen to know more, it has done its job.

It should be concise - no longer than two pages at most - and interesting. You should write this section of your plan after you have completed the rest.

The executive summary is not:

  • A brief description of the business and its products. It's a synopsis of the entire plan.
  • An extended table of contents. This makes for very dull reading. You should ensure it shows the highlights of the plan, rather than restating the details the plan contains.
  • Hype. While the executive summary should excite the reader enough to read the entire plan, an experienced investor or business person will recognise hype and this will undermine the plan's credibility.

Your vision

You must be able to clearly describe what your business does and set out your vision for your business. This includes who you are, what you do, what you have to offer and the market you want to address.

Start with an overview of your business:

  • When you started or intend to start trading and the progress and investment you have made
  • The type of business and the sector it is in
  • Any relevant history-for example, if you acquired the business, who owned it originally and what they achieved with it
  • The current legal structure
  • Your vision for the future

Then describe your products or services as simply as possible, defining:

  • What makes it different
  • Benefits it offers
  • Why customers would buy it from you instead of your competitors
  • How you plan to develop your products or services
  • Whether you hold any patents, trademarks or design registration
  • The key features and success factors of your industry or sector

Remember that the person reading the plan may not understand your business and its products, services or processes as well as you do, so try to avoid jargon. It's a good idea to get someone who isn't involved in the business - a friend or family member perhaps - to read this section of your plan and make sure they can understand it.

Marketing and sales

You should describe the specific activities you intend to use to promote and sell your products and services. Often, it's the weak link in business plans so it's worth spending time on it to make sure it's realistic and achievable.

A strong sales and marketing section means you have a clear idea of how you will get your products and services to market.

Your plan will need to provide answers to these questions:

  • How do you plan to position your product or service in the market place?
  • Who are your customers? Include details of customers who have shown an interest in your product or service and explain how you plan to go about attracting new customers.
  • What is your pricing policy? How much will you charge for different customer segments, quantities, etc?
  • How will you promote your product or service? Identify your sales process methods, eg. direct marketing, advertising, PR, email, e-sales, social marketing.
  • How will you reach your customers? What channels will you use? Which partners will be needed in your distribution channels?
  • How will you do your selling? Do you have a sales plan? Have you considered which sales method will be the most effective and most appropriate for your market, such as selling by phone, over the internet, face-to-face or through retail outlets? Are your proposed sales methods consistent with your marketing plan? And do you have the right skills to secure the sales you need?

Financial forecasts

You will need to provide a set of financial projections which translate what you have said about your business into numbers.

Look carefully at:

How much capital you need if you are seeking external funding

The security you can offer lenders

How you plan to repay any borrowings

Sources of revenue and income

You may also want to include your personal finances as part of the plan.

Financial planning

Your forecasts should run for the next three (or even five) years and their level of sophistication should reflect the sophistication of your business. However, the first 12 months' forecasts should have the most detail associated with them.

Your forecasts should include

Sales forecast - the amount of money you expect to raise from sales.

Cash flow statements - your cash balance and monthly cash flow patterns for at least the first 12 to 18 months. The aim is to show that your business will have enough working capital to survive. Make sure you have considered the key factors such as the timing of sales and salaries.

Read Cash flow management guidance.

Profit and loss forecast - a statement of the trading position of the business. Show the level of profit you expect to make and the costs of providing goods and services and your overheads. Your forecasts should cover a range of scenarios. New businesses often forecast over-optimistic sales and most external readers will take this into account. It is sensible to include subsidiary forecasts based on sales being significantly slower than you are actually predicting. One for sales starting three months later than expected, and another forecasting a 20 per cent lower level of sales.

Risk analysis - It is good practice to show that you have reviewed the risks your business could be faced with. Show that you have looked at contingencies and insurance to cover these.

Risks can include:

  • Competitor action
  • Commercial issues - sales, prices, deliveries
  • Acts of God - fire or flood
  • Operations - IT, technology or production failure
  • Staff - skills, availability and costs


What is the minimum number of shareholders in a private limited company?

Two. They could be individuals or legal entities.

What is the minimum number of directors in a private limited company?

Two. The Directors must compulsorily be individuals. They cannot be corporate bodies.

What is the minimum share capital of a private limited company?

Rupees One lakh (INR 100,000). However the requirement of minimum share capital may go up if certain words such as India (INR 500,000), Asia (INR 5,000,000), Global, Universal, Industrial (INR 10,000,000) are chosen as part of the company’s name.

Is an office required for a private limited company?

An address in India where the registered office of the Company will be situated is required. The premises can be a commercial / industrial / residential where communication from the MCA will be received.

For Registered Office Address

  • Rent agreement along with latest rent receipt (in case the premises are rented)
  • House tax receipts (in case premises are owned)
  • Electricity bill
  • NOC from the Owner (Format will be shared once your company name approved)
Do I have to be physically present in person to incorporate a company in India?

No, you will not have to be present at our office or appear at any office for the registration of a Private Limited Company. All the documents can be scanned and sent through email to our office. So

How much time does it take to incorporate a company?

We can incorporate a Private Limited Company for in 14-20 days. The time taken for registration will depend on submission of relevant documents by the client and speed of Government Approvals. To ensure speedy registration, please choose a unique name for your Company and ensure you have all the required documents prior to starting the registration process.

Can LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) be converted to Private Limited Company?

No, LLP cannot be converted to a Private Limited Company as it is not permissible by the government of India. Both the LLP Act, 2008 and the Companies Act, 2013 are silent about the matter and haven't done any amendments on the same. However, if you want to expand your business you can register a Private Limited Company with INC-29 which has simplified the process of registration.

How long is the company valid for?

Once a Company is incorporated, it will be active and in-existence as long as the annual compliances are met with regularly. In case, annual compliances are not complied with, the Company will become a Dormant Company and maybe struck off from the register after a period of time. A struck-off Company can be revived for a period of up to 20 years.

Can all the directors of a private limited company be

No. At least one director is required to be an Indian National though he may not be a shareholder.

Are there any prior approvals to be obtained from any authority in India to become a director in an Indian company?

Yes. Every individual who is contemplating a position of a director in an Indian company must obtain a Directors Identification Number (DIN) before he can become a director in an Indian company.

What needs to be done to obtain a DIN?

An application needs to be submitted to the MCA DIN Cell to obtain a DIN.

What are the documents required for Incorporation of Private Limited Company?

Identity proof and address proof is mandatory for all the proposed Directors of the Company. PAN Card is mandatory for Indian Nationals. In addition, the landlord of the registered office premises must provide a No Objection Certificate for having the registered office in his/her premises and must submit his/her identity proof and address proof.

Can a Salaried person become the director in Private Limited Company?

Yes, a salaried person become the director in private limited company, there are no legal bondages in this, but you have to go through with your employment agreement if it contains any restrictions on doing so.

How to choose the name of the company?

First ensure that company name is not similar to any other Private Limited, OPC, LLP or Public limited company. Also, do check if your first is not a registered trademark taken by anybody under the IP Act. Also, make sure the name is not too generic to be accepted by the ROC land also, try not to use abbreviations, adjectives. While choosing the name make sure that name should contain the objective of the business like if the objective is I then word is Technology, Technosoft, IT consultancy.


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